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Inside the mind of daniel schreber psychologist world. Daniel paul schreber was born in leipzig, germany in 1842, the second of five children of pauline and daniel gottlieb moritz schreber 18081861, the latter being a renowned physician who would become the director of a sanitorium in leipzig in 1844. The schreber case as a study is the classic of the psychoanalysis of psychosis. Download schreber, daniel paul memoirs of my nervous illness ocr. Rosemary dinnage is the author of the ruffian on the stair. Eine fallstudie zu daniel paul schrebers selbstbehauptungsstrategien. The first of these, in 18841885 was what was then diagnosed as dementia praecox later known as paranoid schizophrenia or schizophrenia, paranoid type.

Memoirs of my nervous illness by daniel paul schreber. Memoirs of my nervous illness daniel paul schreber was the son of the preeminent nineteenthcentury german medical authority. A german magistrate whose emotional breakdowns are described in psychologically revealing memoirs, schreber was the. Here are the memoirs of the life of daniel paul schreber. Reflections on death, one to one experiences of psychotherapy, and annie besant. Her last name could be a truncated version of his own last. Pdf memoirs of my nervous illness download full pdf. Daniel paul schreber s memoirs of my nervous illness is pretty fascinating. Daniel paul schreber 18421911 was the son of the preeminent nineteenthcentury german medical authority on childrearing. Schreber s memoirs of my nervous illness must be the most writtenabout document in all psychiatric literature. It is by no means an easy read, but i found it worthwhile and interesting. Daniel schreber 18421911 full name daniel paul schreber german memoirist. Baumeyers material, may make the details in freuds discus sion easier to disentangle.

Schreber, daniel paul, denkwurdigkeiten eines nervenkranken. Over the years, a huge bibliography of books and articles chie. And that he married in 1878 a woman named ottilie sabine behr. Before his mental collapse, he served as the chief justice of the supreme court of the state of saxony. It is a fascinating read, a page turner, something like a thriller or detective novel with fascinating insights into. One last thing that i have noticed from schreber studies in general, is that daniel paul schreber s first name, daniel means in hebrew, god has judged. Pdf the great work of the psychotic judge daniel paul schreber, namely memoirs of my nervous illness, has received predictable and rather.

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